About VOICES: River City

Who we are

VOICES: River City is a progressive state and local news commentary podcast based out of Sacramento, as well as a platform for truth-to-power op-eds for community members who are not a part of the region’s ruling capitalist class.

Founded as an alt-weekly style news platform by reporter and former journalism professor Dave Kempa, V:RC’s mission was originally two-fold:

  • To provide hard-hitting investigative reporting and impactful local arts coverage in the face of a rapidly shrinking news industry.
  • To create a space for commentary and essays from the region’s voices that speak truth to power.

In short: We want to keep Sacramento weird, bright and talking.

What we do

VOICES: River City is a hub for the region’s anti-racist, anti-capitalist troublemakers to discuss the news of the day from a truly progressive point of view. Got a news tip? An odd idea? Want to write for us? Contact us.


About the editor

Dave Kempa has reported on topics ranging from homelessness and border issues to global markets, bar crawls and wine. He marched through Manhattan with Occupy Wall Street, went to Cuba long before it was legal and was the sole collegiate winner of the Robert F Kennedy Award for Journalism in 2010.

Today, Kempa is focused on helping to harvest a sustainable culture of writers in Sacramento. He has taught journalism at American River College, and with two colleagues runs No Flacks Allowed, a monthly journalist meet-up.

You can contact him at: kempa@voicesrivercity.com.