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The VOICES: podcast – episode 4

The end of Casa de Chaos and tenants’ rights form the core of this week’s episode with two in-depth, full-range interviews. Anthony’s alone in the deluxe ultra-high-end luxury recording studio after exiling Dave to the Shadow Realm, and he’s feeling pretty preachy about everything, so sorry in advance for that. Intro and outro music provided by Chrome Ghost, and transition music provided by .Mu.

Information on the Sacramento Tenants Union can be found here.

Casa’s GoFundMe is here.

Chrome Ghost’s badass EP, Reflection Pool, is here.

Collected works of .Mu are (you guessed it) here.

And last and probably least, V:RC’s Patreon! If you like what we’re doing (or if you think we’re ruining our careers and want us to keep walking the path of death), throw us a few bills and help us keep going!


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