VOICES: River City, Episode 84: Sasha Perigo on the California housing crisis and Uber/Lyft’s capital strike

Today we’re joined by Sasha Perigo, a San Francisco based writer and all-around wealth of knowledge on California’s complex, rough-and-tumble housing battles.

We start with a discussion on AB 1436, a piece of proposed state legislation that would stave off the avalanche of evictions facing California renters. (If you want to help keep your neighbors housed, sign up here to have a letter sent in your name to your state senator.)

Sasha then shares with us a very interesting Dem-on-Dem state senatorial race between Scott Wiener and Jackie Fielder. Wiener, the incumbent, is a classic California business-friendly Democrat who likes to fashion himself as a progressive, despite his personal political history. Fielder, an actual progressive who was once considered a long-shot in this race, has caught the attention of a Berniecrat movement searching for places to give its support.

Finally, we touch on Uber and Lyft’s outright refusal to comply with a new state law directing them to give their workers the rights and protections they deserve. Instead, the predatory tech behemoths have amassed $122 million with the help of DoorDash executives to push Prop 22, a ballot initiative that would relieve them of the onus of caring for their employees.

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