Voices: River City, Episode 28: Christy Smith Hates Renters

This week Kempa and Skyler discuss the drama behind the race to replace Democrat Katie Hill’s seat in California’s 25th district of the U.S. House of Representatives. Insider Dem Christy Smith has all the major endorsements — from Governor Gavin Newsom to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — but she also brings a troubling history of anti-Democratic policy, including her 2019 votes against key renters’ rights legislation and statements against Medicare for All. Unfortunately, Smith’s challenger to the Left is The Young Turks anchor Cenk Uyger, who brings along his own problematic past.

We also touch on the Sacramento renters’ rights coalition’s ethics complaint against City Councilmember Steve Hansen, who works at a public policy firm that represents clients who regularly fight against tenants’ interests.

And finally, Skyler and Kempa get a little self-indulgent, sharing their personal journeys to the Left — from their childhoods during the “tough-on-crime” Clinton years to today, where they finally feel that there are politicians out there who reflect their ideals.

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