VOICES: River City, Episode 29: Cop Shoots Dog

Did you hear the one about the Sacramento cop who shot a dog at the Midtown Safeway just before Christmas? If not, we’ve got the story for you. We also discuss how the PR arm of the Sacramento Police Department works, how they get caught up in their own lies, and how, often, it doesn’t matter because most news outlets end up running with the police storyline before the truth comes out.

We also cover the Supreme Court’s refusal to look at the Boise decision, which effectively bans cities from enforcing anti-camping ordinances when they don’t have enough shelter beds to serve all the people experiencing homelessness in their regions. Sacramento has had an anti-camping law in place since 1997, and it’s great to see the courts put an end to this cruel and unusual form of enforcement.

We finish it off with a festive little treat, with Kempa reading a poem written by his old friend Mark Bell, a prolific writer who spent years experiencing homelessness. That didn’t stop Mark from self-publishing multiple works at the Sacramento Library.

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