VOICES: River City, Episode 30: Get mad, California

This week the Golden State got the New York Times treatment in an article titled, “California is Booming. Why are so many Californians Unhappy?” The VOICES crew had a few reflections on the piece, since we’re no strangers to the have- and have-not dynamic of a state run by neoliberals.

We also discuss Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg’s very recent influx of campaign contributions from anti-renters’ rights interests such as the California Real Estate PAC (over $4,000). Interestingly, the Steinberg campaign gave $1,750 to Councilmember Steve Hansen’s campaign on a very symbolic day for renters’ rights activists. Hansen, if you’ll remember, led the smear campaign against Michelle Pariset of Public Advocates, who is fighting to let Sacramentans have a vote on real rent control.

Hansen last month was hit with an ethics complaint, since the public affairs firm he works for has regularly represented anti-renters’ rights interests. But no matter that Darrell and Steve are neck-deep in landlord/developer dollars, right? They represent you, the people.

Next month we’ll do a deep-dive into the dollars going into Hansen and Steinberg’s campaigns, carrying on with VOICES: River City’s “Sac Follows the Money” tradition.

Finally, we take a moment to reflect on some of the lives lost on the streets in Sacramento in 2019. We also take a moment to give residents a few thoughts on what they can do to fight back against such wild violence against the lower classes.

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