VOICES: River City, Episode 47: Michelle Pariset on California Housing During Coronavirus

Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. apartment renters did not pay their April rent, and you can be sure that number will be higher in May.

Californians in particular feel increasingly housing insecure these days, which is why we’ve invited housing advocate Michelle Pariset on to discuss who is fighting for the little guy in California’s capitol, as well as what Gavin Newsom is doing (and what he should be doing) to protect renters and homeowners struggling with mortgages.

While Pariset and coalitions like Housing Now! are fighting for a full-on moratorium to rent and mortgages, listeners can get involved by joining groups at the forefront of the housing rights battles, such as ACCE ActionDemocratic Socialists of America and the Sacramento Tenants Union.

Two Sacramento residents experiencing homelessness have been hospitalized with coronavirus, and we discuss how it is past time to act for state and local politicians who’ve placed our most vulnerable population lower on the list of priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A special shout to the Sacramento Bee for quoting ‘Twitter-user’ Kempa as he Karens out on the county’s dangerous refusal to shut down golf courses during the apex of the pandemic. Thanks for listening and, as always:

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