VOICES: River City, Episode 129: Ousters

We start this one with a quick coronavirus update from resident epidemiologist Dr Flo. It’s a complex moment, with cases beginning to drop, multiple vaccines rolling out and Governor Gavin Newsom reopening California, despite some dangerous new strains of the virus spreading throughout the country.

Speaking of Newsom, a Republican push is nearing the finish line in a signature-gathering campaign to recall the governor, with GOP staples like former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and John Cox (who lost to Newsom by a whopping 24 points in 2018) seizing upon the momentum of rage-filled rightwing animus and threats leveled against the governor.

Newsom’s not the only politician facing calls to leave office. After a damning piece in the Sacramento Bee outlined City Manager Howard Chan’s failure to open warming centers the night a raging storm with 60 mph winds killed at least four people in the streets, city council is facing a rising chorus for Chan’s firing. The Sacramento Homeless Union is also calling for Mayor Darrell Steinberg to step down.

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