VOICES: River City, Episode 121: The ADEM elections, with Evan Michael Minton

In a state defined by single-party rule, it is increasingly important to know how power is won within the California Democratic Party.

Yet very few people are aware of the Assembly District Election Meetings, known as ADEMs, which choose grassroots delegates to help guide the state’s policy.

First time hearing about the ADEMs? You’re not alone. Despite California being home to over 10 million registered Democrats, only 40,000 of them voted in 2019’s elections.

Today we’re joined by activist Evan Michael Minton, who is running in Assembly District 6 with a slate of progressives. Evan shows us the ins and outs of the ADEMs, and shares why he’s making a run for a delegate spot.

Interested in voting in the ADEMs? Go to ADEMelections.com now and request your ballot. (Even if you’re not a Democrat, you can register and get one.)

Voting in the ADEMs and wondering who the progressive-vetted candidates in your region are? The Progressive Delegates Network has you covered: https://www.adems2021.vote/.

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