VOICES: River City, Episode 94: Jackie Fielder, Candidate for California Senate District 11

Who is the 25-year-old indigenous woman that has the California Democratic Party so scared that they’ve poured over $100,000 into her opponent’s campaign just this month?

Meet Jackie Fielder, who is challenging state Senator Scott Wiener from the left in San Francisco’s District 11.

Fielder shares with us how the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline shaped her political trajectory, as well as how later battles in San Francisco against police misuse of Tasers and for taxing the rich to help ameliorate homelessness — two issues on which she and Wiener disagreed — helped spark her campaign.

Fielder considers Julia Salazar, who won a seat in the New York state Senate in 2018 at age 27, a major inspiration. But this year we’re seeing this story all over. Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman in Congress. A whole team of socialists joining Salazar in the New York statehouse. Unapologetic leftists are challenging Democrats — and winning.

So can Fielder unseat Wiener, whose war chest includes contributions from deep-pocketed developers, tech CEOs and police unions? The California Democratic establishment appears to be taking her seriously, injecting Wiener’s campaign with over $105,000 in September.

Wiener had been avoiding a debate for months, but it appears that in these final weeks his hand is being forced as well. They’ll spar on the issues on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 1 p.m. Find out how to stream it here.

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