Voices: River City, Episode 25: Mary-oke

The VOICES: crew has a special guest this week in Shannon Stevens from Maryhouse, an emergency daytime drop-in center for women experiencing homelessness at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes.

Shannon discusses last week’s sweep against folks living homeless in the North B area of Sacramento. A number of Maryhouse guests lost everything they owned when the Sacramento Police Department and county workers threw their shelters and belongings into a garbage truck last week. We discuss the devastating effects something like this can have on people experiencing homelessness, as well as what you can do to help.

We also touch on the origins of Sacramento Loaves & Fishes, and how a former priest and former nun fell in love and then brought their brand of anarchic Catholicism to town in the 1980s.

As always, thanks for listening. Claws out, California.


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Dave Kempa
Editor at VOICES: River City
Dave Kempa is the founder and editor of VOICES: River City.