VOICES: River City, Episode 59: Broke-Ass Sac

Looks like it wasn’t a great idea for the city of Sacramento to put taxpayers on the line to help fund the Kings arena, after all. 

Now that the pandemic has sufficiently dried up parking revenue, the city is looking at cutting some of its central services in order to continue honoring bond debt incurred to pay for the new Golden1 Center. We take a look at which services will be on the chopping block, such as police (#DecimateSacPD) and things like parks, libraries and street work. 

We also discuss the fact that much of these debts will be paid with Measure U dollars. What a joy it is to have the chair of the Measure U oversight committee as a co-host to give us the details on what that means.

 Listeners interested in the history of the arena tax dollars can read this great piece by Cosmo Garvin in 2012

Oh, and did we mention that the Sacramento region is starting to reopen, just in time for Memorial Day weekend? We discuss county health officials’ dissonant messaging, as well as the plight of the local gym owner. What to do?! 

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