VOICES: River City, Episode 43: An End to Rent

The nation is beginning to understand just how long this may be our new reality, with the United States now counting the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world. We see from a breakdown of death rates by region in the Financial Times that coronavirus is rising at a concerning rate in New York City, while there is cause for some cautious optimism in Washington and California. 

President Trump continues to embarrass himself on the world stage, setting the bar quite low for other leaders in the US. Here in California, Governor Gavin Newsom clears said bar with ease, though he continues to fail the state’s homeless community–a population particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. 

Have you heard about Sacramento’s moratorium on evictions for renters? Well, that’s now extended to businesses. Even on the national level, retailers are simply saying ‘no’ to paying rent. Why shouldn’t the rest of us? 

We’re also seeing mortgage relief for homeowners. But no matter what, both homeowners and renters will find themselves deeper in debt once this is all over. Perhaps it is time to consider a novel approach for Americans: Until this crisis is over, rent and mortgages simply do not exist. What matters to everyone ought not to be capital interests, but staying healthy and staying home. 

Finally, we take a moment to discuss the $2.2 million set aside for emergency homelessness relief here in Sacramento. Forgive us if we express a little frustration and concern. Thanks for listening and, as always:

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