VOICES: River City, Episode 196: Where in the world is Governor Gavin Newsom?

Listen, we get it. It’s daylight saving’s and we’re all trying to recover from the changing of the clocks (something we can apparently blame the Nazis for).

But there are bigger fish to fry.

Such as the big question: Where is Governor Gavin Newsom, who disappeared after getting his booster shot last month?

After chatter started up about the California executive’s absence, his partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom came out with an amusing tweet admonishing ‘haters’. But people have been genuinely curious about the governor’s absence.

The latest news has Governor Gavin Newsom attending the wedding of the great-granddaughter of a billionaire oil baron.

The wedding was officiated by Nancy Pelosi.


We also discuss the rise of the the Asatru Folk Assembly, a white supremacist cult just north of Sacramento. Thanks to Antifa Sacramento (at least according to the Sacramento Bee article), these racists continue to be outed to the public.

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