VOICES: River City, Episode 178: Gone viral

It’s the same story on the national and state level: Rural regions with lower vaccination rates and vastly smaller medical infrastructure are seeing surges in COVID-19, forcing them to try and find beds for patients in far-off regions with larger medical centers. At least six rural counties in California are seeing record numbers in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. 

The Sacramento region’s hospitals are among those feeling the pressure of the surge, with beds filling up quickly throughout the region. For their part, Sacramento City Council is mandating that all employees under their purview get vaccinated. Will other political bodies and/or businesses in the region follow suit? Already we’re seeing cops and firefighters–all of whom face residents in person with regularity–fighting against vaccine mandates. 

As the delta variant barrels through the nation’s redder regions, many folks who are seeing their loved ones fall ill have decided to get vaccinated. Will this week’s official FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine help change any more minds? 

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