VOICES: River City, Episode 165: Oil baron summer

The more we watch Big Oil get away with some of the worst crimes against humanity in the modern era, the more we’re reminded of the old-school oil baron crushing his enemies and grinding their bones into the dirt.

Capitalism has been winning for a long time. So it’s not surprising–if still infuriating–that the same day we learned about an Exxon lobbyist saying the quiet part loud about just how much they know about their hand in the climate crisis, an American woman was sentenced to eight years in prison and $3.2 million in fines for trying to do the right thing for the environment. It makes you wonder, who are the real violent ones here?

Here in Sacramento the homelessness crisis continues to deepen, while Mayor Steinberg has come up with a plan to “enact both a legal right to shelter or housing, and a parallel obligation for homeless people to accept it.” We’ve got questions–particularly regarding the potential coercive methods surrounding that “obligation” to accept housing/shelter. History tells us there will be problems.

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