VOICES: River City, Episode 159: Yeah well that’s just, like, your opinion editor, man

In California media news, Gil Duran is mysteriously stepping down from his position as Opinion Editor at the Sacramento Bee. This comes in the months after his high-profile Twitter spats and bizarre opinion pieces targeting the region’s leftists, followed by weeks of uncharacteristic quiet from the former press secretary for Governor Jerry Brown.

Duran has a long history of fighting against working class Californians in favor of capitalists and establishment politicians (a history we’ll happily discuss). He’s also ruled his opinion pages with an iron fist, which is why it’s notable that, the day he announced his departure from the Bee, the paper published a great piece by a young opinion staffer on the importance of demilitarizing the region’s police

Who is the interim head of the Editorial Board? We thought you’d never ask

Over the weekend people throughout the world took to the streets to protest the war crimes and genocide being committed by apartheid Israel against Palestinians. Demonstrations in California saw unprecedented numbers come out in support of Palestineincluding in Sacramento. Skyler tells us about what he saw here locally.  

The United States gives Israel nearly $4 billion in military funding annually, so we are directly connected to the atrocities taking place abroad. That’s why it’s important to finally see prominent politicians speaking out against it. Even Sacramento, we had both councilmembers Katie Valenzuela and Mai Vang (who retweeted this) come out in support of Palestine. 

You know who didn’t? President Joe Biden. But we shouldn’t be surprised; the man has for decades supported the apartheid Israeli state’s actions

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