VOICES: River City, Episode 39: The Sacramento Dee

What a Super Tuesday. First off, a huge thank you to all who showed up to our watch party at Kupros. We had a blast with you all, and even enjoyed some cross-pollination with a bunch of Democratic organizations who were there for the same reason. 

This week we touch on the presidential race, in which Joe Biden is currently leading Bernie Sanders. We discuss how moderates coalesced just before Super Tuesday, take a look at Biden’s solid performance, and examine what comes next. 

We then touch on the good news of election night: Katie Valenzuela is looking extremely solid against Steve Hansen. The VOICES: crew takes a look at some of the potential factors of her success (starting with her wildly successful grassroots game, powered by the likes of renters’ rights organizations, Democratic Socialists of America and labor groups). Particularly fun this week has been the Sacramento Bee’s response to Katie’s strong showing. There was a Marcos Breton tear-jerker, as well as this sneering piece by the Editorial Board. In case you missed it, they endorsed Hansen over Valenzuela. 

Speaking of the Sacramento Bee, did you hear that friend of the show, Master of Crows, Darrell Steinberg, is going to save the Bee?! The zaniness here is fairly self explanatory. 

A huge thank you to our existing patrons, and to our new patrons! The day after Super Tuesday, we saw $80 in new monthly pledges! With listeners like you, who needs billionaire backers? Thanks for listening, and as always:

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