VOICES: River City, Episode 141: Dr Beatrice Tetteh on equity gaps in the vaccine rollout

Today we’re joined by Dr. Beatrice Tetteh, a pediatrician based in the South Sacramento/Pocket area. She’s been involved in an effort to get vaccines to folks in underserved communities that have been hit the hardest by COVID-19. 

As the vaccines come into supply and the government clears more people to begin receiving them, slow rollout and manufacturing concerns continue. Transit workers, anyone 16 and over with health concerns, unhoused folks, janitors, food service workers and others are now technically on the list of those eligible to receive the poke, but that doesn’t mean we have the resources to roll that out tomorrow. Even programs like the one in South Sac are single-day pop-ups rather than ongoing clinics residents can visit as their schedule allows.  

As it stands, about 20 percent of Californians are at least partially vaccinated, with the number closer to one in four adults. President Biden has declared everyone will be eligible to receive the shot by May 1. 

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