VOICES: River City, Episode 139: The hairy area

Today we begin with the pleasantly surprising rise in popularity of universal basic income–a policy which former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs tested in his city, to phenomenal results. Friend of the show Erika Smith mentions in the Los Angeles Times that the city of Compton is on its way to piloting a similar program. To date, more than 40 mayors have joined Tubbs in Mayors for a Guaranteed Income.

Could this be the start of something on a large scale?

For some reason California transportation authorities have decided that Sacramentans need some new lanes on Highway 50 passing over downtown Sacramento. That’s why they moved the Sunday farmers’ market to Arden Arcade, as well as why they’re now displacing unhoused folks from under the freeway. We talk about what that means for our neighbors out in the elements, as well as why some are viewing this as an ‘early test’ for District 4 Councilmember Katie Valenzuela. 

We also take a moment to discuss the city’s (long overdue) proposed resolution to circumvent the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in favor of keeping warming centers open indefinitely. In this document, city leaders seem to be rebranding these locations as ‘triage centers’ which could potentially be a good thing. Done right, these locations could help establish trust and build rapport with people who have come to expect nothing from their local government. 

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