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VOICES: River City, Episode 38: Scott Jones, Post Hog

First things first: a hearty congratulations to Sacramento’s Black Lives Matter leadership, who recently won a First Amendment lawsuit against Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

This week we discuss a new monstrous law passed unanimously by Sacramento City Council which criminalizes homeless folks for living near levees or “critical public infrastructure.” Funny how such controversial votes seem to always take place during the few 2 pm council meetings held throughout the year, when most folks are at work and can’t speak out in person against such inhumane laws.

We’ve also got some good news and bad news on California’s housing crisis. The good news is that we’re finally seeing the watershed of tax dollars for building new low income housing in the state. Unfortunately, the Department of Housing and Community Development (which is tasked to make that happen) is understaffed by about 21 percent. Looking for work? Keep an eye out for an upcoming rapid-hire job fair.

Oh, and did you hear about the journalist who got suspended for saying he’s a socialist? We discuss the absurdity of that move by ABC News, and how the journalism industry is a heaving mass of violent contradictions.

Finally we do a little recap of Skyler and Kempa’s time in Nevada last week, where they knocked on doors and then acted as observers for the caucuses, which Bernie Sanders won decisively.

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