VOICES: River City, Episode 37: Bloomberg Gets Dommed

And so begins the Nevada caucus, during which Bernie Sanders volunteers from surrounding states flood in for one final push in the Battle Born State. Kempa is spending the better part of the week helping the campaign in Reno and Sparks, but he did sit down with Skyler to talk about the canvassing experience. The Nevada caucus will be all finished by Saturday, but if California listeners want to volunteer for Bernie, they can reach out to his Sacramento office on 8345 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 114 (behind the Jack in the Box).

Shannon and Skyler need no Kempa to run a damn show. They got together to discuss Wednesday night’s spicy Democratic presidential debate, during which Elizabeth Warren committed a cold-blooded murder on racist former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had no response for her pressing him on his dozens of non-disclosure agreements he’d made women sign who had come out with complaints of sexual harassment and misconduct. Sanders had a solid showing, relishing his chance to fire at a billionaire on live television. Joe Biden was there, too. Baby mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar, meanwhile, fought fiercely on the right-most corner of the stage.

Finally, Shannon and Sky bring things a bit more local again, discussing California Governor Gavin Newsom’s State of the State address. This year it was all about homelessness. He owns the issue now. So can he deliver?

A reminder: If you are registered as a No Party Preference voter and you received a ballot in the mail that does not include the Democratic primary race, you can contact your county to trade it in for one that has it! You have until the March 3 election day (during which you can go to the polls and switch out your ballot for one that has the Dem race) to get this done. Don’t miss your chance to vote!


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