VOICES: River City, Episode 36: Sorry, Mom

The election insanity continues this week after a big win for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. We discuss the results, including Joe Biden’s continued precipitous fall and Senator Amy Klobuchar’s surprise third-place finish. Ever the pest, Mayor Pete Buttigieg keeps buzzing around, while an increasingly unsettled DNC establishment looks to a billionaire Manhattan racist as their last resort.

Up next in the election is the Nevada caucus, and one of our hosts will be canvassing in Reno.

We’re also looking at California’s elections, which are well underway in the mail-in ballots. The latest poll from Capitol Weekly/Political Data Inc shows a commanding Sanders lead, with Elizabeth Warren at a distant second. There are concerns, however, over the number of No Party Preference voters who haven’t asked for a Democratic primary ballot, despite some 70% of them expressing to pollsters that they’d like to participate. 

We finally take some time to read a silly letter in the Los Angeles Times arguing that California Democrats will need to plug their noses and vote for Mike Bloomberg.

We’ve got quite an election season gearing up, California. Buckle up.


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