VOICES: River City, Episode 50: Logan Dreher of the Sunrise Movement on Earth Week (4.21.2020)

We’re joined this episode by Logan Dreher, hub coordinator for Sacramento’s branch of the Sunrise Movement, to talk about Earth Week.

The climate justice movement had to get creative this year in the face of pandemic, but they’ve pulled together a number of safe events in order to honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The schedule, which can be found at earthdaylivesace.org, includes:

  • 4.22 (Earth Day) – A Chalk-Out, in which Sacramento residents are encouraged to chalk up the region’s sidewalks with messages of climate justice.
  • 4.23 – Fundraising for the Services Not Sweeps Coalition, which is a collection of human rights advocates in Sacramento working to get city hall and the county board of supervisors to put an end to law enforcement’s monstrous sweeps of homeless communities during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 4.24 – A 12-hour livestream of “entertaining, inspirational and educational content to raise morale and funds in times of uncertainty.”

Dreher cares deeply about the intersections in social justice, and she shares with us the importance of understanding that climate justice regularly comes into contact with issues such as gender and racial justice. So if you’re wondering why one of this week’s events is a fundraiser for the rights of people experiencing homelessness, it’s because these fights are all connected.

We also take a moment to discuss Monday’s demonstration at the California Capitol building, in which a collection of right-wing/fringe folks — Trump loyalists, anti-vaxxers, Proud Boys and more — congregated in protest of the state’s stay-at-home directive. Kempa and Skyler went down to document the event for as long as they could, but were deeply disturbed by the overt lack of social distancing, as well as the fact that almost none of the protesters were wearing masks.

Our big question: Why wasn’t law enforcement doing anything about people’s complete disregard for social distancing measures? We contrast the docile cops at Monday’s event with the armored, aggressive police at 2019’s Stephon Clark protest in the Fab 40s neighborhood.

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