VOICES: River City, Episode 40: Dr. Flojaune Cofer on Coronavirus in California

The VOICES: crew has a very special guest this week in epidemiologist Dr. Flojaune Cofer.

Dr. Flo of Public Health Advocates is here to tell us all about how California and Sacramento ought to respond to the coronavirus, which the World Health Organization has now classified as a global pandemic. She schools us on what COVID-19 is, how our various levels of government have responded to the rise of the virus, and how we might want to react to the deluge of news over its spread.

The doctor wears many hats, and we take advantage of the fact that she’s in the house. As chair of the Measure U commission, Flo shares about her thoughts on the Sacramento Police Department’s purchase of a BearCat, which is effectively an urban assault vehicle. City council signed off on the purchase, which dips into Measure U spending. For those of you who don’t remember, Measure U tax dollars were supposed to go toward improving life in Sacramento’s underserved communities.

So much for that.

The VOICES: crew also discusses the historic win for Katie Valenzuela, a democratic socialist and Sacramento’s newest member of city council.

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