VOICES: River City, Episode 107: California tripping

Most of us only have one or two dunks left to rain on sulking Trump supporters, which is why we’re spending this episode taking a look at what’s on the horizon for California.

Inspired by recent ballot wins in the American West, California is taking a serious look at legislation to decriminalize the possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. It’s a great idea that only nerds would hate.

Perhaps that’s why California’s Senate GOP caucus took to Twitter to complain, and why one GOP consultant dropped this gem:

“Before long CA Dems will want to legalize crime.”

Fuck yeah.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news in the Golden State, which is joining the other 49 in a new wave of coronavirus infections. We discuss what we fear may be a cold, lonely holiday season, and how eight months of pandemic have increased our general empathy.

We can’t help but think that the $104 million in federal COVID relief funding the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is breathing all over in would be mighty useful right about now.

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