VOICES: River City, Episode 108: Heartless developers, loser cops

California’s homelessness crisis deepens in the face of spiking coronavirus cases and dropping temperatures, yet we just can’t seem to get it together to take care of one another.

Sacramento listeners may remember the city’s push to protect some 100 residents experiencing homelessness by buying an old hotel on Bercut Drive in the River District.

But a truly awful developer who was building a luxury apartment complex across the street decided to sue the city to stop the humanitarian effort. And the business district followed suit.

Luckily for the capitalists the project has been halted, but not because of their lawsuits. The city came up against in the appraisal process. Meanwhile, high-risk populations in Sacramento and beyond continue to face the possibility of eviction.

On a lighter note, it appears that the biggest losers in California elections were the police and prison guard unions. They threw millions upon millions of dollars against candidates calling for police reforms–and they came up short. Here in Sacramento, every founding member of Sac Take the Pledge who was running for office, won.

Now state legislators are taking note of these loser cops. Is California in store for a year of unprecedented police and prison reforms?

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