VOICES: River City, Episode 103: SCUSD Candidates Nailah Pope-Harden and Lavinia Grace Phillips

We’re joined by Sacramento City Unified School District candidates Nailah Pope-Harden and Lavinia Grace Phillips, who are running in areas 4 and 7, respectively.

They share with us why they’ve been moved to run for office during such an acrimonious time between the existing board and the teachers union, and discuss the ways the district has historically failed students of color. We also discuss education in the time of COVID, the long overdue removal of cops in our schools, and how one particular newspaper columnist simply has it wrong on SCUSD’s challenges and solutions.

Finally, we take a moment to congratulate Dr Flo and the countless other advocates who worked tirelessly to make Sacramento the first city in the nation to incorporate prevention in its definition of public safety.

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