VOICES: River City, Episode 99: 99 Luftviolentcops

This week the Los Angeles Police Department went hog wild on reveling Lakers fans, ‘exploding’ one young man’s eyeball and knocking eight teeth out of another’s mouth.

We’re not sure how many times the community needs to have these conversations before we see that the cops are not going to stop their violence against Americans, and that the only answer is to cut their funding in favor of more human public safety and public health programming.

But the California Senate certainly hasn’t gotten the message yet. Last month they allowed Assembly Bill 66–which would have put an end to police use of both gas and the projectiles that maimed the young Lakers fans and so many demonstrators over the summer–to die without a vote.

On Tuesday Governor Gavin Newsom’s ‘policing advisors’ put out recommendations against police using these weapons against Californians. Forgive us if we don’t see the cops taking these ‘recommendations’ seriously.

Newsom this year signed a few modest police reforms into law, but refused to pass stronger legislation, such as a law that would have created funding for a pilot program for alternative first-response programs.

Oh, and a quick update on Sacramento City Council’s District 8 race between Mai Vang and Pastor Les Simmons:

In an act of desperation, the Simmons campaign has accepted the help of the state’s realtors, to the tune of $76,000. Now, surprise-surprise, Simmons has changed his tune on Measure C, the fight for real rent control.

This unfortunate move will inexorably affect how the people of District 8 view the pastor.

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