Measure A (YES $$)

YES on A – 2020 ‘strong mayor’ campaign
Anti-Tenants’-Rights Entity Contributions (since August 2020): $75,000
Total Contributions (since Aug 2020): $140,000

Campaign contributions from explicitly anti-tenants’-rights groups to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s committee have reached levels in the hundreds of thousands. Above are the contributions between August 2020, when the mayor’s strong-mayor power grab began, and present day. Since 2017–and including contributions long before the strong mayor power grab–his committee raised the following:

Anti-Tenants’-Rights Entity Contributions: $380,000
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $237,249
Law Enforcement: $50,000

The $50,000 from law enforcement came in 2018, the year Sacramento Police Department officers killed Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s back yard.

Color scheme for the spreadsheet below:
Red (“r” in the color code column): Anti-rent-control political action groups
Orange (“o”): Real estate developers and property managers with a vested interest in maintaining a rent-control-free Sacramento
Blue (“b”): Law enforcement and related entities
Green (“g”): Cannabis-related lobbying interests

This spreadsheet will be updated on a somewhat regular basis.

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