Pride Month and its malcontents, and bad takes by cops in office

Today we do a fun little recap of the nazis who had been showing up to Sacramento City Council meetings in recent weeks, such as religious zealot Ryan Messano, Proud Boy Jeffrey Perrine, and “Scotty” from the dumbest white nationalist group in history.

Oddly enough, when Sacramento community members showed up to remind the nazis that they weren’t welcome in our city, they stopped coming to the meetings.

We take a moment, however, to discuss how their hateful messaging has been popping up all around California, and how a woman associated with the far-right Moms of Liberty has been on a mission to put an end to rainbow crosswalks in Davis, CA, in anticipation of Pride Month. Should we expect more hatred in the coming weeks?

Finally, we discuss an anachronistic piece written by former cop/former state assembly member (and current sheriff of Sacramento County) Jim Cooper, arguing for a redux of the drug war.

Haven’t we all been through enough?

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