Welcome back! District Attorney Thien Ho wants to arrest city council.

It’s a big ol’ brand new season of VOICES: River City, and we are feeling so good. 

Today we’re talking about some interesting new battles in Sacramento, with District Attorney Thien Ho threatening to put Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Councilmember Katie Valenzuela in jail because they’re not being cruel enough to our unhoused neighbors near his courthouse and jail. Poor fella.

On the other end of the spectrum Sacramento Homeless Union leader and friend of the show Crystal Sanchez successfully sued the city of Sacramento to cease its violent homeless sweeps until mid-August, due to extreme heat conditions and the city violating their “bodily integrity.”

The city, of course, ignored the federal court order and performed at least two sweeps after the ruling

It’s shaping up to be a litigious autumn at city hall this year, which is perhaps why city council decided to pass the buck on homelessness to City Manager Howard Chan, who is totally trustworthy and doesn’t have a long history of violence against the unhoused community. 

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