VOICES: River City, Episode 92: A gaze of raccs

This week we discuss the $30 million said to be coming into Sacramento from Governor Gavin Newsom to help ameliorate our homelessness crisis by creating some 210 new units of permanent supportive housing. Shannon shares with us just how stressed things are in the world of emergency homeless services, and what we can do to help.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s strong-mayor power grab is well under way, and friend-of-the-show Sac Snark has compiled a spreadsheet of all the contributors into the mayor’s ‘committee’ over the past three years.

In the two months since his Measure A campaign started, Steinberg’s taken in about $140,000 in contributions, including a head-scratching $25,000 from a Los Angeles producer. You’ll be a whole lot less surprised to learn that over half of the contributions came from groups that are explicitly against renters’ protections in California. No wonder Darrell is fighting so hard against tenants.

We also take a look back at earlier contributions to this committee, including $50,000 to Steinberg from the cops the year that Sacramento Police Department officers killed Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard.

Finally, we learn just who is behind the Sacramento Democratic Alliance, a shady astroturf initiative created to strengthen the right wing of the Democratic Party.

(It’s exactly who you think it’d be.)

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