VOICES: River City, Episode 91: The VOICES: California voter guide

The November elections are fast approaching, so we’re walking you through the 12 statewide propositions facing California voters, answering all of your biggest questions:

How do we make Uber and Lyft stop exploiting their drivers? Why does Gavin Newsom hate renters? What’s a kidney?

Here’s a glimpse at each proposition you’ll be seeing on the ballot:

Prop 14 – Do we keep funding the state’s stem cell medical research initiative?

Prop 15 – Should we make corporations pay their fair share in property taxes in order to fund California schools? (We covered that at length with Sacramento Democratic Socialists of America’s Electoral Committee co-chairs here.)

Prop 16 – Should California restore affirmative action?

Prop 17 – Should incarcerated Californians regain their right to vote once they’ve served their time? Fun fact: Host Flojaune Cofer will be on a panel discussing this proposition for the Sac Change Coalition on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 7 p.m.

Prop 18 – If a 17-year-old will be 18 by the time of a year’s general election, should they be able to vote in the primary?

Prop 19 – This bill would let Californians over 55 looking to buy a new home (to downsize, or to move to a house that only has one level, etc.) retain the tax base of the house they’re leaving. It would also close a taxation loophole on family-property transfers, bringing tax revenue in to the state.

Prop 20 – Should California return to its old reactionary ways by increasing felony sentences for non-violent crimes and restricting parole options for folks who have been convicted? (We cover this at length with Alana Mathews of the Community Justice Collaborative here.)

Prop 21 – Does California need rent control? (Yes! And don’t forget to vote YES on Measure C.)

Prop 22 – Should we allow Uber and Lyft to continue exploiting their drivers? (Fuck no. And we cover this at length with Sasha Perigo here.)

Prop 23 – Do we need to increase oversight on California’s profit-hungry for-profit dialysis companies?

Prop 24 – Does California’s 2018 landmark data privacy legislation need these tweaks? (Data privacy nonprofits say no.)

Prop 25 – Should California get rid of its racist and classist bail system for good?

Oh, and we also take a moment to touch on the Sacramento strong-mayor campaign’s email snafu. (Vote NO on Measure A, by the way.)

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