VOICES: River City, Episode 34: I Got Your Czar Right Here

It’s the final countdown to the Iowa caucus, and establishment Democrats are terrified of surging socialist Bernie Sanders — but they’re not quite sure how to attack him. The only folks considering how to really go at him are groups like Third Way and the Democratic Majority for Israel super PAC. It’s not working terribly well. Joe Biden still has the inside lane on the national level, but Iowa and New Hampshire look good for Bernie. Sanders has also taken the lead in betting markets, for what that’s worth. 

The VOICES: crew then crown themselves homelessness czars of California, examining an array of possible ideas for addressing the state’s historic homelessness and housing crises. Skyler keeps it spicy, Kempa keeps his cool, and Shannon keeps it real. 

(A note on this episode’s intro: We were discussing guilty pleasures! I swear! And Skyler cut his!!!) 

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