VOICES: River City, Episode 95: Tamika L’Ecluse on the American River Flood Control District board elections

We’re joined by Tamika L’Ecluse, board member of the American River Flood Control District, and rising star on Sacramento’s “Squad.”

In 1862, California governor Leland Stanford was forced to take a rowboat to his inauguration due to flooding from the American and Sacramento rivers. Over the following 158 years, city and county leaders have made it a priority to ensure that the people of Sacramento were protected by robust levees. 

That’s where the American River Flood Control District comes in. 

We talk with L’Ecluse about this year’s election listcrawler denver, in which two people will be chosen to ensure that the levees are safe and that the riverfront is accessible for enjoyment.

Oh, and did we mention that one of her opponents is America’s Landlord,  Steve Maviglio? He made national headlines over the summer due to his comically tone-deaf response to a man in Washington, DC who had helped shelter demonstrators who were fleeing police violence. 

But the gaffes don’t stop there. 

Last month the Sacramento Latino Democratic Club held candidate interviews, in which both candidates took part. After the LDC voted to endorse L’Ecluse, however, Maviglio responded with a childish Facebook comment, calling them “Very Trump like (sic).”

 He later edited the comment, but never apologized. You can read the thread here.  

We also discuss the Take the Pledge initiative, which is encouraging political candidates to vow to take no contributions from law enforcement. L’Ecluse signed on, along with Councilmember-elect Katie Valenzuela, Sacramento City Council District 8 candidate Mai Vang and San Juan Unified School District board member Zima Creason. 

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