VOICES: River City, Episode 151: Whose streets?

Facing a recall campaign on his right, California Governor Gavin Newsom is also feeling pressure from the Left to support a bill that would provide universal health care to all Californians. CalCare, as they calling it, would expand medical coverage to nearly 3 million uninsured residents, so why wouldn’t he support it? Well, Newsom’s close relationships with the medical establishment don’t help the cause. 

But you know what might help? Some direct action. Stay tuned for next Monday, when the Democratic Socialists of America will be taking to the streets at the Capitol. 

With class nearly back in session for the Sacramento City Unified School District, school workers with SEIU 1021 (that’s all workers who aren’t teachers–from food service workers to bus drivers to custodians) had been finalizing an agreement with the school board on childcare, stipends and physical distancing guidelines. But in the last minute, the board threw a grenade on the process, declaring an “impasse” mid-bargaining. 

More than 90 percent of union members voted to reject the board’s proposal, so these workers are going on strike April 22 and 23. Want to hear some great news? SCUSD’s teachers have their colleagues’ backs, and will join them on the picket lines. 

We also take a moment to discuss Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez’s FAST Recovery Act, or AB 257. This bill is set to put more power into the hands of California’s fast food workers, who have dealt with some of the worst working conditions over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Closing arguments were presented Monday in the trial for Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis cop on trial for killing George Floyd. A verdict is expected by the end of the week. 

Throughout the country, meanwhile, people are claiming the streets for Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, who were also killed by cops in recent weeks. People are angry, grieving and done with police killing Black and brown boys. Here in California, Oakland demonstrators went as hard as they always do. And in Sacramento, four cops reportedly spent Saturday evening in the hospital after being sprayed with an “unknown irritant.” 

Stay tuned on the Chauvin verdict. And expect the people to continue to reclaim the streets. 

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