VOICES: River City, Episode 56: Tickling Brain

As a frontline social worker, Shannon went out last week and got tested for coronavirus (if you think you might need a test, go here). She shares all the details on the protocol and what it feels like to have a six-inch swab tap your frontal lobe.

According to the state of California’s COVID-19 tracker, Sacramento County is doing very well, not having more than 10 new confirmed cases in a given day since May 3. With more robust testing, we can keep it that way.

Californians may have noticed an issue of the Epoch Times in their mail recently, wondering why they’re being spammed with racist, anti-communist propaganda. We have a chat about this odd phenomenon (which has been irking Canadians as well), and the far-right religious sect behind it.

Now is a time for opportunists to prey upon people’s fears and vulnerabilities. But we’re here to assure you that the only way to assuage those stressors is to pledge to our Patreon. You’re welcome.

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