VOICES: River City, Episode 193: On SEIU 1000 drama and removing colonizer statues, with Bobby Roy

Over the weekend board leaders in SEIU Local 1000–one of the most powerful unions in California–took the remarkable steps to strip its controversial president, Richard Louis Brown, of most of his powers.

In a meeting called against Brown’s wishes (and under fire of threats that he would punish anyone who attended), a majority of the union’s board members put new bylaws and rules into place that would disperse power among union leadership and amend the disciplinary process.

We’re joined by SEIU Local 1000 member leader (and longtime friend of the show) Bobby Roy to discuss the pros and cons rising from this meeting.

We also take a moment to discuss the state-sanctioned replacement of colonizer Junipero Serra’s statue with a monument celebrating indigenous people in Sacramento’s Capitol Park, and why Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert–who is running for state Attorney General–feels the need to press draconian charges against a trans person of color over the statue’s much needed removal in the summer of 2020.

The removal of all things Serra in California is long overdue. So why is Schubert acting in such a reactionary fashion?

This surely won’t help in her bid for AG.

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