VOICES: River City, Episode 69: Sparxxxist Theory

Our 69th episode. Nice.

Pressured by the interests of capital and a fussy, white petit bourgeois, Governor Gavin Newsom clearly opened California back up too early. Now coronavirus is tearing once again through the state and people are going to die. We discuss Sacramento’s spike in COVID-19 cases, and the county’s recent decision to shut bars back down.

We also have a few updates on the fight to end policing. Sacramento City Unified School School District will not be renewing its contract with the Sacramento Police Department, joining a growing number of districts throughout the country in kicking the cops to the curb. On top of that, the Measure U battle is far from over, and we’re expecting to hear more on that in this week’s emergency city council meeting.

Just a reminder: Police unions are not unions, and the labor movement should not only ostracize them, but also actively participate in crushing them.

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