VOICES: River City, Episode 54: Golden State, Phase 2 (5.5.2020)

This week the gang discusses how Sacramento is the best major metropolitan region in the country, as far as COVID-19 goes. In fact, California as a whole has performed better than most states (for what that’s worth) in doing what needs to be done to keep our older and immunocompromised friends and family safe.

Governor Gavin Newsom is moving the state into ‘phase two‘ in its coronavirus response, reopening some businesses with the caveat that they practice physical distancing with practices such as curbside pickup.

Speaking of reopening, we take a moment and reflect on the amalgam of morons in the Reopen California movement — anti-vaxxers, Trump supporters, Proud Boys, etc. — who keep descending on the Capitol to protest the state’s public health mandates. We’re not fans of these viral vectors spending entire afternoons in our backyard.

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