VOICES: River City, Episode 53: Kim Lau of the Encampment Med Team (5.1.2020)

We have a very special guest today in the founder of the Encampment Med Team, Kim Lau.

Organized in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, this group of Sacramento region medical students (and a handful of other students) originally formed to help educate people experiencing homelessness on the dangers of the coronavirus, and on what they could do to mitigate the risks of contracting it. Today, they’re connecting people in camps who may be symptomatic with coronavirus testing, as well as providing baseline medical services to a community that has long been neglected.

If you’re interested in helping the Encampment Med Team’s mission, Kim recommends adding your voice to the Sacramento Services Not Sweeps Coalition, which is working to end the city and county’s unconstitutional rousting of homeless communities — a practice that the CDC has strongly urged against in the face of a rising pandemic.

The Med Team would also appreciate donations of the following supplies:

– Thermometers
– Pulse oximeters
– Hand sanitizer
– Masks for the people they’re serving
– Gauze
– Iodine swabs
– Antibiotics

If you’d like to donate, go to https://www.encampmentmedteam.org/donatecontact.html. They’re also on Instagram at @encampmentmedteam.

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