VOICES: River City, Episode 126: Copaganda

We’re joined by civil rights attorney Tifanei Ressl-Moyer to discuss a memorable week in Sacramento policing.

The night before Sacramento area residents planned to march against fascist Proud Boys, the Sacramento Police Department terrorized anti-fascists, tearing through their homes and arresting people under questionable pretenses.

This, ironically, took place just hours before Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn was scheduled to argue in a city council meeting that his police force did not treat anti-fascists any worse than they do Proud Boys and other far-right groups. 

The people of Sacramento did not buy it, with dozens of residents who’d dealt first-hand with police violence in recent years calling in to express their disgust with the department’s presentation.

Countering the cops’ narrative, District 4 Councilmember Katie Valenzuela shared footage of police violence leveled against Sacramentans last year as they fought for racial justice.

The day following the city council meeting, Sac PD displayed more fascist behavior, stopping a vehicle at gunpoint and detaining the three unarmed young women inside for nearly an hour. 

During the stop, police tweeted that they’d found explosives in the car, with Chief Hahn excitedly telling councilmembers the same thing. This was a lie. 

The cops then stole the women’s phones and cited the driver for a cracked windshield.

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