VOICES: River City, Episode 115: A Gaze of Vaccs

The first batch of coronavirus vaccines are arriving throughout California, with some 15,000 doses coming to Sacramento. And while the county’s Health Services director position will be vacant soon in this deeply important moment, there is already a community push for public health officer Dr Olivia Kasirye to take the position.

The debate over defunding the police continues through the coronavirus pandemic, but the city of Sacramento appears to have already made up its mind, increasing the police force despite signs of decreased revenue in the coming years.

All of this is happening in the backdrop of the Sacramento Police Department continuing its weekly practice of protecting fascist Proud Boys against anti-fascist counter-demonstrators, while targeting mutual aid groups such as Queers United in Community Care.

The day after the weekend’s demonstrations, police shot and killed a man experiencing a mental health crisis. On their Facebook page, they posted a picture of a bloody knife to defend their behavior.Meanwhile, law enforcement continue to harass and assault independent media. On a national level, the Freedom of the Press Foundation noted a 1,200% increase in police arresting journalists this year.

Oh, and if you’re curious about what we’re looking at in the intro, follow this link.

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