VOICES: River City, Episode 119: Housed for the Holidays

It appears that organizing efforts have paid off, and the holiday eviction notices given out to the residents of Hawthorne Suites have been rescinded. This is one of those few instances in which the city did the right thing in fighting the corporate landlord Ezralow Company. But a whole lot more credit goes to the Sacramento Eviction Defense Network for their fearless, tireless efforts. And even more to the the fearless tenants who stood up for themselves in a very traumatic moment. 

The moral of this story? Organize! (Then fight! Then win!) 

Speaking of housing and homelessness, Shannon gives us an update on Sacramento’s endless warming center saga. Restrictions on opening them have been eased, and nights are consistently approaching the freezing point. Will the centers finally open? 

Dr Flo then discusses California’s vaccine rollout. Nearly 300,000 vaccines have been administered to the state’s medical workers on the frontlines, and by the end of the week we ought to have been shipped, in total, nearly 1.8 million vaccines. We discuss who is next in line, and what that means for Californians waiting for their turn as cases continue to soar. 

We finally discuss Governor Newsom’s appointment of California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to replace Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate, and Dr. Shirley Weber’s appointment to fill Padilla’s office

Special thank you this week to our friends at B Street Theatre, who reached out with some concerns over a discussion we had that included them last week. We learned a good bit about some of the other great work they’re doing to serve the community through the pandemic. 

Thanks for listening, defund the police and, as always:

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