Voices: River City, Episode 19: Of General Interest

The title’s a pun, folks. A pun on the fact that we talk about a lot of things and also on the fact that we’re talking to Phillip Kim, who has progressed from the primary to the general election for District 4 of the California State Senate.

You may remember that we talked to Kim a while back about his work in health justice. Now he’s running against the Republican incumbent Jim Nielsen, carrying a progressive platform into the center stage. Plus, he performs a few songs for us as part of Red Hearts Bleed, the best band to have ever performed in the V:RC studios. (Also the only. Don’t blame them for Anthony’s garbage skills in sound engineering.)

Before that, though, V:RC founder Dave Kempa returns to discuss the fiasco around the heinous racism of the publisher of the East Bay Express and the plague of shitty publishers on community media.

All that and more. I’d be more specific but I’m very tired right now.

If you’d like to know more about Phil’s campaign and/or get involved, check these links:

  • https://tinyurl.com/PhilForSenate
  • www.philthebern.org

And to check out his band, Red Hearts Bleed, head here.


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