VOICES: River City, Episode 48: The California Nation-State (4.14.2020)

California, Oregon, and Washington have joined together in a pact for an aligned approach in how and when to reopen once the left coast is closer to getting out of the woods with the coronavirus. This, of course, comes alongside discussions over Governor Gavin Newsom referring to California as a “nation-state.”

Is there a future for a west coast secession? Is that something the Left should even want? Or is this all political posturing, anyway? There is, in fact, a multi-state council out east approaching their reopening plans in essentially the same way. It appears that many of these states are simply taking the reins because the Trump administration has floundered so spectacularly. 

By the way, Bernie Sanders is out in the Democratic primary race. And he has endorsed Biden. We reflect on what this means for Californian leftists, and discuss why Duverger’s Law has forced Americans into a two-party system. We also take a look at why California is the perfect place for the Left to coalesce and mount an attack on the Democratic Party. Thanks for listening and, as always:

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