Best of Snarkramento 2017

Congratulations! You have clicked on the link for the third annual Best of Snarkramento Survey. Winners will receive a coveted Snarky Award and a star on the Sacramento Walk of Stars!*

This stupid survey is really the only thing I miss about the Sac Snark twitter account, so I figured I might as well keep it going through VOICES: to give me a laugh. Maybe you’ll think it’s funny too. Maybe it will piss you off. Hopefully it does a little bit of both. If you don’t like any of the answers you see, I encourage you to channel your inner Snark and write in your own.

Thank you to Brian Breneman for contributing several ideas and questions.

*Not true


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Sac Snark
Formerly a pain-in-the-ass on Twitter, Mr. Snark brings his act to VOICES: to continue pissing people off in the city we all love.