Voices: River City – Episode 8 – Pre-Existing Human Condition

We go deep into health care this episode with Phillip Kim, a member of the California Nurses Association and of Democratic Socialists of America, Sacramento Chapter, who’s part of local campaigns to get single payer rolling in California. If you’ve ever thought that getting health care should be as easy as entering a hospital, this is the episode for you.

Big thanks to our featured musicians for this episode, Be Brave Bold Robot, a local folky-rocky-rappy-all-sorts-of-stuff band that’s been out there pushing boundaries for years. The intro and outro songs are from their latest, But to Hate God Do Get a Hot Tub. (Incredible name.) The interstitial song is from their 2010 album, Take a Deep Breath. Check out their stuff here: https://bebraveboldrobot.bandcamp.com.

As for our health care notes and links, get ready because this is an outright deluge:

If you want more information about joining the state Medicare for All movement or have general questions, you can reach Phillip Kim at pkim@calnurses.org and join the Healthy CA email list at www.healthycaliforniaact.org/join-email-list.

If you’re thinking about the choice between socialism and barbarism, you can learn more about the Sacramento chapter of Democratic Socialists of America here: www.sacdsa.org; www.facebook.com/DSA.Sacramento.

Phil also mentioned his other group, the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento, which you can find here: http://wellstonedems.org; www.facebook.com/WellstoneDems.

Phil would also like to note that a doctor or other health care provider interested in joining these struggles can email Keith McCallin at californianfromjersey@gmail.com or Dr. William Bronston at williambronstonmd@gmail.com to learn more about the Sacramento chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program: www.pnhp.org.


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