The VOICES: podcast – Episode 6

Anthony’s got Brett Hart, one of the members of local art space The Red Museum, to talk about how to keep our arts scene living and breathing. Plus, preservationist, historian (and so much more) William Burg joins us to talk about the Central City Specific Plan and how it could shape the grid as we know it. It’s one of those conversations where Anthony’s very clearly out of his depth. Also, we’ve got Dave Kempa back to close out his coverage of the trial that sought to bring down the camping ban. You’ll want to listen to this right away, as William’s got a call to action for you that’s got a deadline of Nov. 8. Hop to it.

Music provided ever so graciously by Blue Oaks, all from the new album “To Be Kind is Sin.” Intro is the title track, interstitial bits are from “Nicotine” and the closer is “Sand and Skin.” Listen to (and purchase, of course) the album here.


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